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VeQ Peeling Facial Scrub

Rp 130.000

VQ Peeling Scrub Facial Spray is a spray type of skin lightening product with a formula that is very soft and fragrant, is able to remove dead skin cells and dirt that settles on the skin in a matter of 2 minutes and be able to smooth and soften your skin. Made from materials that are safe and suitable for the skin of the face, hands, nose, legs, underarms and all parts of the body skin. Make skin look bright, very soft and shining clean. Can clean dusts and skin pores who are in the skin and clear blackheads in zone "T" of our face, leaving him free from blackheads and prevent spots and acne.

Benefits in general:
1. Remove dirt on parts of the body
2. Eliminate the black shadow thorough body folds (legpits, armpits, knees, etc.)
3. Eliminate spots on the face
4. Remove blackheads in the area "T" face
5. Normalize pores on face
6. Prevent Acne
7. Make a face and body skin clean, healthy, natural and bright
8. Helps eliminate body odor
9. Lifting the dead skin
10. Help fade scars exhaust, etc.
11. Soften and smooth the skin
12.Make your skin and body can do better in absorbing other beauty products

VeQ Peeling Facial Scrub
No. 1 skin cleanser and brighter

Usage suggestions:
1. Spray moderation on the part you want to clean the skin.
2. Allow within 2 minutes
3. Then rub evenly, visible result of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin will be lifted immediately,
4. Rinse with clean water and feel the freshness of your skin.
5. Use 2 times in 1 week, mornings and evenings
6. To remove spots or black spots, use a row during the first 2 weeks

Active Ingredients:
- Aqua
- Acrylates Copolymer
- Dodecylbenzene Sulfonicacid
- Dimethiconol
- Polyethylene
- Glycolic Acid
- Triethanolamine
- Phenoxyethanol
- Fragrance

Weight: 85 gr
Net weight: 60 ml
POM NA 18130200384
Produced by: CV. Prima Anugrah Cosindo

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