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Rp 200.000

D & A Slim made of different kinds of fruits and vegetables that are formulated with modern technology, reinforced by extracts of Mangosteen Skin, Red Beet, Black Current and 20 billion good bacteria alive who will work optimally for detoxification and antioxidant, and helps eliminate the heap mucoid (garbage in the intestine), which contain enzymes and minerals that will help complete the process of metabolism and boost the immune system as well as provide complete nutrients and minerals.

The main benefit D & A Slim:
- Assist the detoxification process, sludge waste poisons / toxins in the gut
- As an antioxidant in the body, helping to reduce cancer-causing by free radicals
- Eliminate the pile mucoid (waste in the gut)
- Helps maintain healthy digestive tract with probiotic system (increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut)
- Provide additional nutrients and minerals that are complete, both to enhance the immune system / immune
- Tying fat in the intestines because it is rich in natural fibers

- Mangosteen Skin  Extract
- Red Beet Extract
- Black Current Extract 
- Ginseng Extract
- Folium Nelumbinis Plus
- Hawthom Fruit 
- Polysaccharides from Ganoderma
- Extract mixture of vegetables and fruits

Suggestions of use:
Pour the contents of one sachet D & A Slim into a cup containing 100 ml of water or whatever your favorite drink, and mix and drink immediately.

Weight: 163 gr
Net weight: 12 x 10 gr Sachet
DinKes RI P-IRT 613360304411
Produced by: PT.Aimfood Manufacturing Indonesia

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