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Rp 7.000.000

Bio Disc 4 move "Nano Energizing Frequency" into or through liquid affects the nano-scale within the liquid. When nano mineral associated with a certain frequency, they 'behave' differently from the existing atom. For example: they boil faster, lighter and reflect more light. This natural resonance has the ability to create molecular structures in all liquids and vegetables made in a factory or that have been through a certain process by factory

Product specification
Appearance Clear glass shaped like a circle lens
Size Diameter 9 cm and a thickness of 1 cm
Weight 130 grams


Benefits Bio Disc:

  1. Improving the taste of food and beverages
  2. Balancing yin / yang and create Chi life force
  3. Vibration has a calming effect, increasing mental awareness
  4. Reduce stress levels
  5. Increasing oxygen in the blood
  6. Improving the quality of sleep
  7. Making water-energy
  8. The water-energy will help in detoxification / cleansing toxins from the body and deliver freshness / hydrate the cells throughout the body
  9. Increase the absorption of nutrition: from the food, beverage, vitamins, beauty products, etc.
  10. Enhance the immune system, etc.


Glass Dimension :
Diameter 90mm
Thickness 9mm
Weight 122gr

Rubber Dimension :
Diameter 96mm
Thickness 23mm
Weight 53gr

Package Dimension :
Lenght 132mm
Width 125mm
Height 54mm
Weight 306gr

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