is an e-commerce business with affiliate system, that owned by PT. Makmur Abadi Jaya International (PT.MAJI), which was established on December 14, 2015 in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

The initial idea of the establishment of the company is derived from the desire to build a business for the people of Indonesia that is acceptable to all groups and segments of society, however, still be able to compete on an international scale without leaving a healthy way of doing business.

PT.MAJI development efforts undertaken is to apply the findings of technological innovations in the field of wellness and beauty, build an exclusive brand image and product form a distribution network using affiliate system that is expected to market the product optimally.

PT.MAJI targeted is to becoming a prestigious business and Pioneer in the local and overseas market.
Given the support and trust of consumers and business partners to PT.MAJI is a tribute and a mandate for the company to always evolving and able to provide the broadest possible benefits. ~ VISION

Being an e-commerce business to be proud of, and an active partner in educating and building the economy of Indonesian society. ~ MISSION

1. Develop and market a wide range of products thats are unique, creative, good quality and halal
2. Increase the income of the community in order to raise the level of per capita income and standard of living.
3. Being a pioneer marketing business with syharia-based network system in accordance with religious rules and administration.
4. Education and human resource development gradually and continuously to realize synergies air-intelligent and prosperous society
5. Help community to scale up in order to become a person who is more valuable to people.